Animation 2D


Soul Silver wind - photoshop

Animation done in collab with Light262 (Thomas).
I did the animation and he helped with the fx and lights.
Background : Mlp movie 2017

Cosmos codex - movie maker + Photoshop

Little animation made for a role play forum for fun.
All the pictures are done with photoshop and the montage on movie maker.

Tails flies - pencil

little scrap done during class of Tailes (Miles) Prower from Sonic universe.
Done in 30 minutes on pencil.

Werehog run - pencil

little scrap done during class of one of my Ocs, Zackiel a werehog from Sonic unleashed universe.
Done in 20 minutes on pencil.

Papier libres - step motion

Here is a final animation project, made in 2 weeks the last year.

I was the leader of this project and wrote the entire script and drawn the storyboard.
A drawing is granted life and jump out of paper to find love and escape with its new found love.

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