MLP comic: One Stormy Night

started in 2018

One Stormy Night is a fan combic/fanzine, created, writen and drawned by Dormin (Cécile Bourdin-Linval).
The comic was originaly a therapy, so I could put some feelings and experiences of the real life on paper. The idea was to take bad life experiences and to it use to create something productive. I found out drawing this comic helped me a lot to feel better, and so people could relate to the story and feel better and involved aswell! It’s amazing to see so many people sharing feelings and that the comic helped them to realise they aren’t alone! It encouraged me to keep drawing it, and i got support via Patreons and commissions , so i can continue as my full time job! Thank you everyone!

What's the story about?

The Story takes place 1000 Years before the show. Where no alicorn ruled yet and the 3 ponies kingdom just comes out of the windigo’s eternal winter. Right after the first Heart warming Eve.

Soul does not really know how to show his emotions as he is vi-count of Cloudsdale. He was taught how to contain himself and to internalize. So he wears a psychological mask in public. His wings are atrophied and he has never managed to fly. And as his family runs the storm factory, they are worried about the succession of their inheritance. And they blame Soul.

Suddenly soul silver lives in the shadow of heart gold, his best friend, vi duke of Cloudsdale, ruler of the Rainbow factory, which he has all succeeded. it's his best friend, but also his rival, and he ends up jealousy and despising him.

Both young nobles must show they’re worthy of their duties and put the weather back to normal after the Windigos ruined it. In the meantime, in Canterlot, two important characters are about to change history and unite ponyland into Equestria, the alicorn princesses.

Issue 1 : On my anger it feeds

Issue 2 : Let's escape together

Issue 3 : Merry Hearth'swarming Eve (Coming soon)

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